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Hung Lee
Hung Lee
Brainfood Baked Fresh - Ep7 - Issue 316 in Review - join us tomorrow as we discuss the content in this very newsletter. If you read something today that you want to talk about, come on screen and say your piece! Monday 31st October, 12.30pm - register here
Brainfood Jobs - if you’re hiring for recruiters & HR folks, post here. If the market has indeed turned completely cold, I’m tempted to activate the Talent Collective feature here, basically a way in which job seekers in the community can be more readily seen. Worth me turning this one?
Brainfood Live, Ep179: Employer Branding in a Recession Economy - I think we can agree that we are heading towards it folks, especially as the tech winter starts to bite. Can we still do EB during times like this? How do we moderate the language to be context appropriate and still be an attractive employer for the roles we are still hiring for? We’re on Friday 4th November, 2pm - register here folks
Special thanks this week to: Garry Turner, Gautam Ghosh, Bas van de Haterd, Eugène van den Hemel, Rob McInness, Kevin Green, Hannah Morgan, Anastasiia Holub, Oonagh Clarke, Dorothy Dalton, Colin Donnery, Richard Bradley, Janna Biagio, Julia Reiss, Lars Roschmann, Joey NK Koksal, Gordon Dudley, Laura Romero Frías and Anessa Fike your public endorsements keep this show on the road - thank you!
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The Brainfood
Open Letter to Elon Musk
Global Talent Trends: Data-Driven Insights into the Changing World of Work
The Big Tech Hiring Slowdown Is Here and It Will Hurt
Who Needs LinkedIn Recruiter? X-Ray vs. LinkedIn Search Comparison Chart
Hiring Pulse Report for October 2022
When Is Short Tenure a Red Flag?
October 2022 US Labor Market Update: Job Posting Declines Are Sharpest Among Pandemic-Era Leaders
DALL·E 2 vs $10 Fiverr Commissions
New LinkedIn Profile Features Help Verify Identity, Detect and Remove Fake Accounts, Boost Authenticity
Deloitte 2022 Gen Z Millennial Survey
Training Emotional Intelligence
Viral Post Generator
The Consulting Business Model
Korean Auto Giant Hyundai Investigating Child Labor in its U.S. Supply Chain
Availability of Employment
Van Life is Just ‘Glorified Homelessness'
Who's Talking?
People First and Mission Always With NASA Chief Human Capital Officer Jane Datta
This Is How We Work Now
The Unintended Consequences of Working from Home
End notes
So Elon Musk taking over Twitter has some consequences for Recruiting Brainfood, as Revue, the software that I use to write this newsletter, is fully owned by Twitter. I suspect it might be one of those which Musk might decide to either invest in or cut off entirely, so we’ve got to think of a hedge. I’ll be in touch with each of you shortly with a recommendation!
In the meantime, take a look at this tree of life visualisation. It’s pretty cool huh? DM me on twitter or Instagram or TikTok if you have any other internet for me to check out.
Have a great week everybody. 
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Hung Lee
Hung Lee @hunglee

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