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Recruiting Brainfood for the week ahead - Issue #314

Hung Lee
Hung Lee
Want to talk about any of the topics you find in this newsletter? We’re going to cover it tomorrow in Baked Fresh, on Monday 17th Oct, 2pm BST. Register here and let me know if you want to come on screen.
Brainfood Jobs: Update on this. Going with $100.00 unlimited posting for 1 x month, for the rest of the year. Hate subscriptions but this is what Pallet have gone with, so unless they change it back, I’m going to crash down the cost for you guys. Recruiter, RPO, HR roles - post them here. Jobs will additionally get tweeted out (by me!) and go into Who’s Hiring on TWIR every Monday. If you’re hiring for recruiters, your jobs will get seen folks, so get to it.
So much going on in the world of VC funded tech startup - leading the way on remote, often the case study for cultural innovations like ‘radical candour’ and pay transparency, and equally often the horror story of insane CEO’s and toxic environments. Lets talk about this folks - and demystify the world of startup / scaleup from the TA POV. On this Friday, 21st October, 2pm GMT. Register here
Special thanks this week to: Eugène van den Hemel, Peter Gold, Manjuri Sinha, Colin Donnery, Orianne Wightman, Joey NK Koksal, Kevin Green, Jonathan Stewart, Ross Clennett, Michael Nsiah, Wim Dammans, Jake Knight and Rachel Gibbs - thank you for your public endorsement of all things brainfood! Essential for keeping this show on the road.
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The Brainfood
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State of AI Report 2022
The New World of Work, Two Years On: A 2022 Worker Survey
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Why Does Spam Recruiting Work?
How Much Have 2022 Layoffs Affected Engineers vs. Other Departments? We Dug into the Data to Find Out
Does AI Debias Recruitment?
UK Right to Work Checks: Document Checklist [+PDF Download]
Will Facebook / Meta do Engineering Layoffs?
Dutch Employee Fired by U.S. Firm for Shutting off Webcam Awarded €75,000 in Court
Motherhood Brings the Most Dramatic Brain Changes of a Woman’s Life
2023 Global Culture Report
Have You Experienced Hiring Fraud?
Youtube Comments Downloader
No Snowflakes Please
Who's Talking?
The Long Goodbye: Living With Grief
Joe Rogan Interviews Steve Jobs
Meta Connect Keynote 2022
End notes
So I am back in London and I am thankful to say - going nowhere for the foreseeable. Got to say I need to review how I am doing traveling - way too much time spent actually on the move, way too little time in the places where I want to spend time. I think in 2023, less trips, more time on those trips has to be rule…
..anyways, here’s a rather ugly-yet-cool visualisation of low earth objects. We got a ton of stuff up there, but its all really smaller than it looks here. Still, its nice thing to play with, so have a go here
DM me on twitter or Instagram or TikTok if you have any more cool interest for me to check out.
Have a great week everybody. 
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Hung Lee
Hung Lee @hunglee

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