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Recruiting Brainfood for the week ahead - Issue #308

Hung Lee
Hung Lee
NEW: Brainfood Baked Fresh - we have a new Monday show folks, where we are going to discuss the articles shared in this very newsletter. If you find any of the content below stimulating and want to talk about it, join us tomorrow on Monday 5th September, 12.30pm BST. Free to watch - and free to join as this is member call in - register here
Brainfood Jobs: Delivery Hero leading the way - great to see more jobs on the board - plenty more to come from this lot 👊. If you’re hiring for recruiters, post here; if you want to be notified when new jobs go live, subscribe here
Brainfood Live, Ep171: Ethics & Experience - How to Better Handle Lay Offs: We’ve seen the good, bad and the ugly versions of lay offs this year and its a high time we found a consistent method of delivering hard news is an ethical way that puts the experience of the impacted employees at the centre. We’re brainstorming this one folks with friends from HR, TA, Coaching - and, the recently laid off themselves. Must watch folks - Friday 9th Sept, 2pm register here.
PS: Immediately afterward I will be launching a new mini series ‘Champions of Talent’ - so make sure to tune in to that on this link, at 4.30pm BST
Special thanks this week to: Eugène van den Hemel, Colin Donnery, Kevin Green, Neil Carberry, Joey NK Koksal, Alison Birch, Kevin Green, Hannah Morgan, John Bersentes, Dave Hazlehurst, James Martin, Bas van de Haterd, Jose David Arteaga Alvarez, Lu Wie Hu-Peijster, Russell Liebowitz, Francesca Ceppi, Eugenia Filipovich, Tim Sackett, Rob Kelly, Hend Halim and Meagan Rebelo for your public support of all things brainfood - noted and appreciated it!
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The Brainfood
LinkedIn Workforce Report September
Nixintel's OSINT Resource List
Layoffs Don't Tell the Whole Story
2022 Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Report
Responding to Recruiter Emails With GPT-3
How I Started Getting 400% More Inbound Leads on LinkedIn with One Simple Tactic.
Workplace Productivity: Are You Being Tracked?
New Data Shows Long Covid Keeping as Many as 4 Million People Out of Work
The Complete Guide to Interview Training
Joe Rogan Has a Werewolf
The Six Recruiting Skills You Must Have
Google’s Complicity in Israeli Apartheid: How Google Weaponizes “Diversity” to Silence Palestinians and Palestinian Human Rights Supporters
I Listed Sex Work on My LinkedIn Profile. Here’s What Happened Next
Correlates of Programmer Efficacy and Their Link to Experience
Dehumanization Is a Feature of Gig Work, Not a Bug
'Making it Go Viral'​ is Now a Career, as Creator Jobs Boom in These 10 fields
Who's Talking?
Learn, Earn or Quit
The HR Tech Market Is Going Crazy: What To Look For In 2023
Adam Gordon: A Startup Founder's Story
End notes
Fingers crossed, I will be in Gothenburg later this week, courtesy of our buddies at Adway. I’ll be doing a talk on Global Talent Acquisition Trends, and maybe some more studio stuff on the Thurgsday. On Friday, I’ll be livestreaming the Brainfood Live and Champions of Talent, before boarding a flight to Gdansk, where I really hope Kasia will have sorted out a some sort of accommodation….
…anyways, if you’re in those two cities this week, DM me on twitter or Instagram or TikTok and lets see if we can meet up.
Have a great week everybody. 
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Hung Lee
Hung Lee @hunglee

It's recruiting brainfood for the week ahead

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