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Recruiting Brainfood for the week ahead - Issue #307

Hung Lee
Hung Lee
Brainfood Jobs: Whether you are a recruiter looking for work, positioning for the future or just want to keep abreast as to what is going on the recruiter job market, check out Brainfood Jobs Job Board, configure your interests and subscribe to be notified by new job opportunities as soon as they happen. Live jobs here.
Brainfood World Tour is making a return, aiming to virtually visits areas of the world which do not get enough attention on the industry press. This week, we are going to the Nordics, where we will speak to recruiters from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland to discuss how they handle the universal challenges in recruiting and HR. If you currently hire in the Nordics or plan to do so in future, don’t miss this one. We’re on Friday 2nd September, 2pm BST - register here
Special thanks this week to: Garry Turner, Kevin Green, Dave Hazlehurst, Joey NK Koksal, James Osborne, Clair Mohamed, Bas van de Haterd, Tim Sanchez, Chris Haslam, Eugène van den Hemel, Lu Wie Hu-Peijster and Sue Griffey for your support on all things brainfood - noted and appreciated!
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The Brainfood
The Confusing Job Market: CEOs and CHROs Seem Baffled
How to Advertise to Developers: Deep Dive into Paid Developer Marketing
Updates On HackerRank Sourcing
The Value of Experience
Candidate Motivation
Gender Pay Gaps For Women in the Gig Economy
Will AI Generated Replace Visual Effects Artists?
The AI Startup Erasing Call Center Worker Accents: Fighting Bias – or Perpetuating It?
Learning The Elite Class
How to Intentionally Structure & Scale Company Communications
Qatalog and GitLab Study Reveals Pervasive Culture of Digital Presenteeism
Goggles - Brave Search
Did Covid Induce A Labour Force Reallocation Wave?
39 Moves to Survive (& Thrive) in a Downturn
Ancient Egyptian Record of Work Absences
Who's Talking?
Powering Growth in 2023 and Beyond
Guess Culture vs. Ask Culture
Mark Zuckerberg - The Joe Rogan Experience
End notes
Last week in London before the crazy traveling starts up again. Get ready Gothenburg, Gdansk, Milan and Madrid - all happening in the first two weeks of September. If you’re in any of those places, do let me know - going to try and gather some brainfooders together in each place if there are enough numbers to do it.
DM me on twitter or Instagram or TikTok if you have any recommendations on things to do….
Have a great week everybody. 
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Hung Lee
Hung Lee @hunglee

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