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Recruiting Brainfood for the week ahead - Issue #294

Hung Lee
Hung Lee
Brainfood Jobs: New roles from GlaxoSmithKline, ThoughtSpot, On Running, Insights & Learning, Hubble and more. Times are looking insecure again for recruiters, so now is the moment to make sure you are subscribed to this job board. Employers hiring for recruiters, post here
Founder’s Focus double header this week; first up it is my friend Ilya Brotzky, whose 4 part ‘From A Developers POV’ mini series remains one of my favourite series I’ve done. Now it is the turn of the man himself to be in the spotlight - find out who the CEO of VanHack is on Tuesday 31st May, 8am PDT / 4pm BST. One day later and we have the good folks behind Recruitment Marketing Automators, Adway. It’s serial investor / entrepreneur Viktor Nord and CEO Adrian MacDonald. Wednesday 1st June, 12.00pm BST / 1pm CEST.
Brainfood Live, Ep157: How to Organise A Sourcing Jam - excited to be part of this, where we gather together a group of recruiters who have organised ‘sourcing jams’ - group sourcing sessions with hiring managers and software engineers to rapidly fill pipeline with top level talent. If finding tech candidates has been a challenge for you, then this is a must attend. Friday 3rd June, 2pm BST / 3pm CEST
Special thanks this week to: Jan Tegze, Eugène van den Hemel, James Osborne, Bas van de Haterd, Joey NK Koksal, Kevin Green, Alison Birch, Neil Carberry, Lars Schmidt, Vanessa Raath, Tim Sanchez, John Bersentes, Dave Hazlehurst, Colin Donnery, Oonagh Clarke, Tash Stoeckel, Ian Turnpenny, Jo McCatty, Peter Wharton, Jonathan Martin, Andrew Packiarajah, Celeste Sirin, Jonathan Martin and Thomas Waldman for your amazing public support of all things brainfood. Scores updated on the Brainfood Hall of Fame…might well convert this into something at some point….points will mean prizes…😉
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The Brainfood
Escaping the Great Stagnation
The Evolution of Developer Salaries: Looking Back 20 Years
Sink Into LinkedIn Headlines – Tie inanchor: To Your Strings
Why Some Quit, and Some Stay: A Surprising Take
How Salary Transparency Can Help Your Company Advance its DEI Initiatives
Tech Layoff Tracker
Spotting Talent
System Design And Recommendation Algorithm Of 20 Big Companies
7 Crowdcast Tips for Better Lead Generation
Does Communication Matter In Technical Interviews? We Looked at Over 100K Interviews to Find Out
Finding it Hard to Get a New Job? Robot Recruiters Might be to Blame
Housing Demand and Remote Work
Is the ‘Remote Work Window’ About to Close?
The Dark Side of Collaboration
Who's Talking?
Partnering with Jean Oelwang
What Matters More Now - Company Culture or Flexible Working?
Slack VP on Proximity Bias and More
End notes
I’m back in London, after a couple weeks and a few amazing events in Berlin and New York. Quick shout out to the brainfooders in those places - wonderful to meet so many of you - everyone was so kind and I am very glad to know that this newsletter and other brainfood channels are adding something to your work.
Got a two week break back in London now and looking forward to the belated onset of summer. Still badly playing Chess so add me on here if you want to help me improve my score. In the meantime, here is a cool and unusual search engine to check out….the oldest results on the Internet. Pretty cool huh?
DM me on twitter or Instagram or TikTok if you have any more cool internet for me to check out.
Have a great week everybody. 
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Hung Lee
Hung Lee @hunglee

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