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Recruiting Brainfood for the week ahead - Issue #289

Hung Lee
Hung Lee
Brainfood Jobs: McKinsey & Co back in with a couple of management roles in their Amsterdam office, along with roles from Cielo Talent, Sequence, Tender Foods, WeAreKeen and more. Check out the up to date board here. Hiring recruiters? Post jobs here
Brainfood Live, Ep151: Career Path Towards Chief People Officer. Been wanting to do this show for a long time - how to actually get to CPO? We’re talking with 4 members of the community who have recently made this step up, and we’re going to be finding out exactly what they did to get there. Don’t miss this one folks if you have ambition to head to the top. Friday 29th April, 2pm BST - register here
Special thanks this week to: Kevin Green, John Bersentes, Oonagh Clarke, Jon Hull, Tim Sanchez, Marlies Farrill, Heather Kitto, Colin Donnery, Eugène van den Hemel, Romuald Restout, Alison Birch, Jo McCatty, Johannes Sundlo, Matthias Wolf, Bao Le, Charlotte Steggall, Garry Turner, Richard Bradley, Alyssa Breetwor, Luke Davis, Dani Tamati, Ez Kahn, Jo McCatty and Steven Davis for your amazing public support of all things brainfood last week - scores updated on the Brainfood Hall of Fame😉
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The Brainfood
2021 Letter to Shareholders
Advancing Recruitings Value Through Uncertain Times
Comment Search, Improved Search Results Relevance, Updated Search Design
How To Transform Your Culture? Have Two Days with No Meetings
Introducing Discussions: Real Human Answers in Search Results
The Great Return: Survey of Managers Reveals Return to Office Battle in 2022
Speaking Out of Turn: How Video Conferencing Reduces Vocal Synchrony and Collective Intelligence
Intuition: When is it Right to Trust Your Gut Instincts?
Curators All the Way Down
11 Promises From a Manager
Persuasion and the Prestige Paradox: Are High Status People More Likely to Lie?
Mourning Loss of a Team Member as a Remote Team
The Purpose of “Purpose”
Conference Demographics Changed by Virtual Platforms
Who's Talking?
McKinsey Recruiting: Marie on How to Succeed in McKinsey’s Recruiting Process
Power to the People Finders
Perfecting The Candidate Experience
End notes
So I am completing this newsletter at Melbourne Tullamarine Airport, waiting to board the return flight to the UK, after 3 and half amazing weeks Down Under. What can I say - other than THANK YOU for all the Aussies who showed up to Talent Palooza in Melbourne, Recruiting Trends events in Sydney and Brisbane and in all the places in between.
It has been a long time since I have been on a trip like this and it reminds me of the how important it is to connect with people in person even more so now we have decisively shifted to a digital first age. Especial thanks due to Andrea Kirby for the hospitality, care and invitation to fly out in the first place, Liz van Zyl for being the absolute babe that she is and sorting out the incredible mid trip Easter break in Manly, Karin Bowness for arranging the Sydney and Brisbane events, Jo McCatty for the send off cookies, David Macciocca for the lift to the airport and last and most certainly not least, Bas van de Haterd for being an awesome traveling companion, friend and Rum drinking partner for the entirety of the trip. Cheers!
I’ll be back to Oz, maybe sooner than maybe you think. Always available on DM on twitter or Instagram or TikTok if want to talk about how to do it…
Have a great week everybody. 
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Hung Lee
Hung Lee @hunglee

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