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Recruiting Brainfood for the week ahead - Issue #281

Hung Lee
Hung Lee
Nobody signs up to this newsletter for my ‘take’ on geopolitics.
However, I cannot ignore the events of this past week, with the invasion of Ukraine by the Putin regime in Russia. Let me be clear that I unequivocally condemn this act of war. Ukraine has been an independent since the Act of Declaration of Independence of Ukraine in 1991, a state whose sovereignty is recognised by the United Nations, every constituent member of the United Nations, including Russia. Whatever the security concerns that Russia might have, no excuse can be made for the transgression of that sovereignty.
We have several hundred community members who live in Ukraine, mostly in the cities where the densest fighting is now occurring. I know many of you personally, and the thought that you might now be directly under fire is appalling. I cannot imagine what you must feel and I am so very sorry that you have had to experience this in your lifetime.
I will add that I am deeply disappointed at our political class who have had neither the wisdom to divert, nor the will to deter, this course of this war. Our politicians need to realise that we do not live in the world of rhetoric alone, and if we cannot or will not back up promises made or inferred, then we should not be making or inferring those promises. The people who are let down will inevitably be the ones who must pay the heaviest price.
We have many readers of this newsletter in both Ukraine and Russia. I know many of you have close personal relations with the people who now must be on ‘the other side’. This is another lamentable outcome of war and I mourn for your loss of amity, as well as for your loss of peace and security.
I know that any words of mine are wholly inadequate for the moment. I write a newsletter and I know that it is not enough. I can only hope that everyone reading this email, knows that you have in Recruiting Brainfood a global community which sees a future in connection and not in conflict.
Please review this crowdsourced google doc set up by Lars Schmidt if you think you or your employer can help the people of Ukraine.
Should anyone wish to contact me about any of my comments above, you are welcome do so, in public or private, as you best see fit.
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Special thanks this week to: Gautam Ghosh, Robert Nunn, Vanessa Raath, Nina Schein, Mark Edwards, James Osborne, Eugène van den Hemel, Kevin Green, Geraldine Butler-Wright, Joey NK Koksal, Colin Donnery, Clair Mohamed, Oonagh Clarke, Jon Hull, Charu Malhotra, Brian Fink, Steven Davis, Jason Devlin, Andrea Kirby, Helen Murdoch, Patricia Chmielowiec, Karen Hutchison, Hannah Dallas, Cathy Demel, Mary-Kate Zajdlic, Nina Metson, Elizabeth Murphy, Suvasanamayee Viswanatha, Jonathan Breen, Tim Sackett, Marida Montgomery, Tim Sackett and Carrie Corcoran for your support of Recruiting Brainfood. I see it and appreciate it. Thank you.
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End notes
I’m still in London folks, and on planet earth, and whilst we are all still here, it is worth remembering that we may need a higher objective to achieve the common good. Effective mitigation of climate change maybe one such project; so too in my view, is space exploration, with the ultimate aim to becoming a multi-planetary species. Hence, I’m entirely onboard with this argument.
DM me on twitter or Instagram or TikTok if you wanna talk about it.
Have as good a week as you can everybody. 
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Hung Lee
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