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Hung Lee
Hung Lee
What Do Recruiters Want Survey Update: Survey is now closed! Thank you to everyone who contributed to this, whether you completed or not, it was fantastic to see the number of people supporting this initiative. In total, we have 2571 completed responses, which for an 80+question survey, is a fantastic result. I’m going to spend the holiday season doing some data crunching on this and will aim to release to insight for you early January. Ultimate plan is to build an interactive website the community can use as a resource to help employers designer better recruiter jobs in 2022 - watch this space!
Brainfood Live: Next up Forecast for Recruitment in 2022. We have a two week break and are back first Friday January 7th. What does recruiting have in store for the next year? Expert conversation from industry experts - register here.
Special thanks this week to: Bas van de Haterd, Kevin Green, Mark Deubel, Julia Dócolas, Christian Madsen, Eugène van den Hemel, Colin Donnery, Joey NK Koksal, Liam Thomas, Bernadeta Stoch, Steven Rothenberg, Daan Lancee and Julia Reis for your public endorsement of the newsletter last week - vital to keep the community growing.
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The Brainfood
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The State of CSS 2021
Building the Future Organisation: 12 Predictions for HR in 2022
Year In Search 2021
People at Work 2021: A Global Workforce View
Hootsuite's Social Media Trends 2022
20 Red-hot Tips for the Newbie Recruiter
Chief of Recruiting and Accessions
HR Conferences in 2022
The Hybrid Work Transformation — PART III Employees
EU Rules for Platform Work
"Harvard is nixing the ACTs & SATs through 2026 and when you look at these charts it's pretty easy to understand why.… "
How You Speak Up at Work Can Affect Whether You're Picked For a Team
How to Ask Useful Questions
Booming! – What 2021 was like for the Job Board and Recruitment Marketing Industry
Who's Talking?
Ep 400: Future Forces
The World Ahead: Working it out
Mitigate Candidate Distrust with Employee Video Hung Lee
End notes
I’m still in London and…got to be honest, second guessing my decision to visit family this Christmas, especially with the now characteristic lack of competence from political leaders in the UK in terms of pandemic management. Might just buy myself a huge turkey and eat it by myself this week - what do you reckon? Anyone got any turkey recipes, DM me on twitter or Instagram or TikTok….
Have a great week - and - Merry Christmas - everybody
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Hung Lee
Hung Lee @hunglee

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