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Recruiting Brainfood for the week ahead - Issue #263

Hung Lee
Hung Lee
What Do Recruiters Want? - a question which I think only we in this community might be able to answer. If you are a recruiter of any kind, please take 10 minutes to complete this survey. There are 25,000+ of us here - if enough of us do it, we will have a significant dataset we can send to our employers to say ‘this is how to design better recruiter jobs’. You can go ahead and give your input here - thank you!
Brainfood Jobs - new roles from Moonfare, Taxfix, SoSafe and gridX. Check out the full list of recruiter, RPO, HR jobs here
Brainfood Live, Ep131: Future Fit Talent Acquisition Leaders. Kevin Wheeler should require no introduction; he is joining us in a Brainfood Live special this Friday where we discuss what skills TA Leaders must acquire to be fit for the emerging future we see before us. Friday 29th October, 4pm BST - register here
Special thanks this week to: Bas van de Haterd, Hend Halim, Mark Edwards, Eugène van den Hemel, Tina Taft, Hannah Morgan, Kevin Green, Dave Hazlehurts, Colin Donnery, Alison Birch, Somer Hackley, Felix Wetzel, Daan Lancee, Tim Sanchez, Joey NK Koksal, Katy Peichert, Clair Mohamed, Simon Geere, Romuald Restout, Lara Plaxton, Simon Gomez and Liam FitzGerald for your public support of this newsletter - vital to keep us going!
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The Brainfood
2022 Global Culture Report
Tips and Tricks for Targeted B2B Advertising on LinkedIn
Why Nobody Hires Junior Developers and What Happens Next
The A3 Work Revolution
Indexing the Creator Economy
Asterisk * vs. AROUND(X) on Google
Is College Worth It? A Comprehensive Return on Investment Analysis
1 in 3 Americans Admit To Lying On Resume
Sensory Words for Crafting Captivating Copy
Innovation Theatre Doesn’t Just Kill Startups. It Kills Innovation Managers, Too
A Handy Guide to Cognitive Biases
Why Did We Ever Think the First Programming Language Didn't Matter?
Continued Rise of Remote Jobs
Does School Cutoff Date Cause The Disadvantage for Children Born in July and August?
Who's Talking?
The Chappelle Controversy Tests Netflix
The Deadly Flaw In Our Judgment
Revolutionising Recruitment
End notes
I’m still in London folks, and it has suddenly become colder last couple days. Heating is still not on, but so I’m going to have to keep warm in some way. Any ideas?
On other matters, this is a cool project - where you live might determine how you take selfies - fascinating research on a beautiful website. DM me on twitter or Instagram or TikTok if you have any selfie ideas for me to take - I need a new profile pic!
Have a great week everybody. 
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Hung Lee
Hung Lee @hunglee

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