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Hung Lee
Hung Lee
5 Years Ago Today….
The very first issue of newsletter was sent 5 years ago today. I had so little idea what I was doing that I managed to send it to the only person who had subscribed……myself! Since that rather inauspicious start, Recruiting Brainfood gone from being my favourite thing to do, to a reasonable side hustle, to a full time, multi-channel business supporting to the recruiting eco-system worldwide.
I want to take this moment to thank you all for your attention. Your attention is a precious resource in today’s information saturated world, and I’m humbled that you have seen fit to spend a small part of it on Recruiting Brainfood. Your support is hugely motivating and makes writing this newsletter still my favourite thing to do
Thank you!
Brainfood Jobs Job Board: new roles every week it seems, with Relayr, Join Talent, Resource Solutions, Vimcar leading the charge. London, Berlin and Remote seem to be top locations - check it the full list here.
Brainfood Live, Ep128: The Psychology Behind Unconscious Bias in Hiring. I am getting the psychologists in for this one, where we deep dive into why unconscious bias is pervasive, examine the evolutionary roots to cognitive shortcuts and how this understanding is critical for better solutions in de-biasing recruiting. Friday 8th Oct, 2.00pm register here
Special thanks this week to: Clair Mohamed, James Osborne, Christian Madsen, Bas van de Haterd, Joey NK Koksal, Somer Hackley, Oonagh Clarke, John Bersentes, Hannah Morgan, Chris Brown, Ross Clennett, Patricia Chmielowiec, Katie Parker, Luke Davis,Matthias Eisterer, Andrea Kirby, Christian Buttrose,Guillaume Alexandre, Lars Schmidt, Caroline Chavier, Ute Neher and Julia Reis - as ever, your public support of this newsletter makes all the difference in keeping this community growing. Scores updated on the Brainfood Hall of Fame!
Can you help? Simply share this link on a LinkedIn status update and recommend it to your network - it’s the best way to keep the growing the brainfood community.

The Brainfood
10 New Truths About The HR Technology Market
The Greatest Resume I've Ever Seen
Investigating Discord: A Primer
Employee Referral Benchmark Study 2021
This Is How Many Hours You Should Really Be Working
12 Questions About Hybrid Work, Answered
Steve Jobs Emails Eric Schmidt March 7, 2007…
As More Workers Go Solo, the Software Stack Is the New Firm
Job Boards For Workplaces That Specifically Don't Require COVID-19 Vaccinations
How Work Will Rebundle Into Decentralized Teams
"We built an internal game at Shopify to make virtual hangouts more fun"
Survey Shows Opinions About Work After COVID-19 Pandemic
Age and Occupation
Why the Term 'JEDI' Is Problematic for Describing Programs That Promote Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Who's Talking?
Building Collaboration and Trust in the Workplace with Dan Schawbel
The Job Board Doctor
The Science Behind Forming Better Habits, with Katy Milkman
End notes
I’m still in London, where it has suddenly become grey, dark and wet. Times like this are an easy reminder as to pub culture is such a thing in the UK - everybody just keen to get inside and get warm. This period will be an interesting test on the efficacy of the vaccination rate - lets hope the population has reached herd immunity before we start spending all our times in the social indoors…..
Been expanding my horizons with new sounds lately so here’s youtube video of noises of a dark water forest. Good work music. DM me on twitter or Instagram or TikTok if you have anything else I should be listening to…
Have a great week everybody. 
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Hung Lee
Hung Lee @hunglee

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