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Recruiting Brainfood for the week ahead - Issue #254

Hung Lee
Hung Lee
New Brainfood Jobs: 👉 346 jobs on Brainfood Jobs
New roles from Amazon, GoDaddy, Grover, Shaper3d, DanFoss, BASF, Oliver Agency, GroupM, Klarna and many more. Check out the full list here
Brainfood Live, Ep123: Building Culture for Hybrid Teams
Building a cohesive company culture when team mates have different modes of working is going to be one of the challenges of the post pandemic workplace. What are the best approaches to do this? We talk with practitioners and organisation design consultants to figure it out.
Friday 27th August, 2.00pm BST - register here
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The Brainfood
Scaling Up Your Hiring Strategy
OnlyFans Will Ban Pornography Starting in October, Citing Need to Comply With Financial Partners
Recruitment Analytics: How to Use Data to Improve Your Talent Pipeline
Who's Got The Best "Zoom Call" Setup?
Alabama Rush Week — Sorority Recruitment or Real-Life Hunger Games?
Can GitHub Copilot Crack A Facebook Coding Interview?
Free Image And Photo Resizer
Email Productivity Benchmark Report
Job Postings Requiring Vaccination Climb
Introducing ‘Horizon Workrooms’: Remote Collaboration Reimagined
What Should *Not* Be Included In Meeting Minutes?
The U.S. States with the Top Tech Salaries in 2021
It’s Time to Accept that Pay for Performance Doesn’t Work
Overemployed - Work Two Remote Jobs, Reach Financial Freedom
China to Consider Preferential Taxes for Companies With More Women
Who's Talking?
How To Refresh Your Personal and Professional Brand With Leela Srinivasan
When People Get Your Name Wrong
What Anthropologists Can Teach Us About Work Culture
End notes
I’m still in London folks, and enjoying my own version of ‘hybrid’ - basically being mainly home based but venturing out and seeing people in 1-2-1 interactions on the regular. I love a crowd, but personal chats go deeper and are more enriching I think. Should probably write about this somewhere.
Anyways, found this timeline of the history of conflict over water and thought you should see it. So DM me on twitter or Instagram or TikTok….
Have a great week everybody. 
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Hung Lee
Hung Lee @hunglee

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