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Recruiting Brainfood for the week ahead - Issue #247

Hung Lee
Hung Lee
Brainfood Live, Ep116: Recruitment in China in 2021
Global Tour continues as we visit recruiters from different parts of the world in order to learn their stories of how recruitment works. This week, we have the super rare opportunity to learn about perhaps the most misunderstood marketplace on the planet - China. We’re with recruitment leaders from GlaxoSmithKline, CEO of a Chinese job board and owner of assessment business.
We’re on early folks, so register here if you want to watch live or on-demand 👇
Friday 9th July 9.00am BST / 4pm CST
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The Brainfood
Introducing GitHub Copilot: Your AI Pair Programmer
How To Be Less Depressed As A Recruiter: Treat Work Like A Craft
The Handbook of Handbooks for Decentralised Organising
Sourcing on Twitter - A Short Guide To Get You Started 🔬
Optimizing Return-to-Office Strategies With Organizational Network Analysis
How Startups Are Competing For Top Talent In 2021
Defining the Skills Citizens Will Need in The Future World of Work
The Jargon of Jobs
The Hybrid Hype Cycle
Crypto Fundamentals & NFTs
How Apple Is Organized for Innovation
How Clicks on a Job Platform Can Reveal Bias
Don’t Feed the Thought Leaders
Innovations in Good Work Directory
MIT SMR’s Culture 500
Who's Talking?
Gig Workers Embrace Apps That Make Their Jobs Easier
LGBTQ+ for Dummies
Enchantment with Chloe Valdary
End notes
I’m still in London folks - and having now had my second shot of the Moderna vaccine - am going to emerge from my 18 month hermetic existence. Yes, that’s right - I am actually going to interact with people.
First up, is Recfest 2021 - if you don’t know about this, you should. The world’s biggest and best celebration of the industry, comes back later this month on the 16th. I’ll be there, talking about decision making and why we can’t seem to make them. Hope to see you there, if you can make it.
In the meantime, here’s some masochism for you.
DM me on twitter or Instagram or TikTok if you can complete it
Have a great week everybody. 
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Hung Lee
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