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Hung Lee
Hung Lee
Brainfood Live, Ep112: The Problem with Hybrid / Remote Work?
Let’s get this out there: Myself and Alexandra DePledge, MBE think there is a serious problem with Hybrid way of working. Neil Carberry CEO of Recruitment & Employment Confederation and Nims Dhawans, Organisational Design at the UK Ministry of Defence, join us in debate on the demerits of this new consensus and what business leaders have to know in preparation for the challenges that inevitably come with hybrid model of work.
Friday 11th June 12.00pm BST - get ready for real talk folks: register here
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The Brainfood
The Hybrid Work Paradox
20 Simple Employee Engagement Survey Questions You Should Ask
Recruiting As Competitive Advantage
OECD Economic Outlook
How Many Hashtags Should You Put In Your LinkedIn Posts?
MoneyBall in Soccer: The Rise of Brentford FC
The Scholar's Stage: Public Intellectuals Have Short Shelf Lives—But Why?
Master the Art of Cold Emailing
Apple Robbed The Mob's Bank
Mapping Career Causeways
A History of People Analytics in Five Ages
What Happens if ‘Absorbing by Observation’ Disappears?
Virtual Internships: How These 5 Companies Made Them Rock
I Am Sick and Tired of Hearing Tech Companies Complain About a Developer Shortage
Taiwan’s Punishing Work Culture is Forcing Young People to Game the System
Who's Talking?
Snark Attack w/ Matt Charney
How to Speak Up in Meetings
Firing Clients, Sourcing Maps & Knowing What Candidates Want
End notes
So I am 2/3rd of the way through this quarantine, one more brainfood after this and I will be good to go. Have to say… hasn’t been too bad. My ‘sleep-14-hours-per-day’ routine seems to be doing the trick.
There’s also plenty of cool Internet to get lost into, like this interactive map of live lightning strikes. Cool eh? All hail the mighty (and mainly free, so far) Internet.
DM me on twitter or Instagram or TikTok if you got anything better.
Have a great week everybody. 
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Hung Lee
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