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Recruiting Brainfood for the week ahead - Issue #229


Recruiting Brainfood

February 28 · Issue #229 · View online

It's recruiting brainfood for the week ahead

Brainfood Live, Ep99: Employer Branding Tips for Remote Only Companies
How do you differentiate your ‘employee experience’ when everyone is going to be working at home regardless of employer? I’ve assembled a top class panel of EB experts from HSBC, Vivino, and Storyblok to help us with practical steps we can take for EB in a remote only world.
March 5th, Friday 1.00pm UTC - register here
Special thanks this week to: Eugène van den Hemel, Mark Edwards, Joseph Slavin, Karen Hutchison, Bas van de Haterd, Alison Birch, Joey NK Koksal, Colin Donnery, Kevin Green, James Wardle, Steven Davis, Somer Hackley, Jamie Dillon, Mitasha Singh, Luca Cicatelli, John Bersentes, Christine Ng, Achyut Menon, Frank Zupan, Ross Clennett, Jason Devlin, Beate Sierte, Steven Brand. Paul Moir, Ersin Erdem, Michael O'Leary, Matthias Schmeißer, Katharina Kramer , Chris Pestell, Martin Poole, Marta Capossele, James Crichton, Romuald Restout, Graham Thornton, Sarah Wardle, Christian Buttrose, Pedro Castro, Ebony Lawless-McCrea, Jonathan Martin and Lars Schmidt - your public support of Brainfood initiatives is the only way this thing keeps going. Thank you!
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The Brainfood
How Salesforce Built an Effective Internal Recruiting Program Based Using These 5 Pillars
Proximity: More Important for Meeting than Collaborating?
2021 Developer Job Search Preference Survey
Live Streaming & Online Video Report for 2021
How Iceland Is Closing the Gender Wage Gap
Topia Survey: 28% of Employees Worked Outside Their Home State or Country During the Pandemic, But Only 1/3 Reported It to HR.....
Would Work Be Better As Avatars?
Automating My Job by Using GPT-3 to Generate Database-ready SQL to Answer Business Questions
Leadership’s Digital Transformation: Leading Purposefully in an Era of Context Collapse
How (and Why) Postman Created a Data-Driven Hiring Process
Western Cape Wants South Africa to Introduce a New ‘Remote Working’ Visa
Medium Workers Union (MWU)
Who's Available?
Brainfood Hall of Fame
Who's Hiring?
Recruiter RPO (d/f/m) (English lang), Korn Ferry, Warsaw, Poland
Senior Recruiter RPO (d/f/m) (English lang), Korn Ferry, Warsaw, Poland
EMEA Technical Recruiter, Neo4j, London, UK or Malmo, Sweden
Senior Manager People Analytics (f/m/d), Infineon, Munich, Germany
Manager HR Labor Relation (f/m/d), Infineon, Munich, Germany
Talent Acquisition Global Sourcing Lead, Ango-American, UK or South Africa
Recruiter, iBanFirst, Munich, Germany
Head of Growth, MatchHR, Remote Anywhere (CET timezone)
Remote Corporate Recruiter, MatchHR, Remote Anywhere (CET timezone)
Senior Remote Tech Recruiter, MatchHR, Remote Anywhere (CET timezone)
Remote Senior Tech Sourcer, MatchHR, Remote Anywhere (CET timezone)
HR Administrator, sennder, Paris, France
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Who's Story?
The Brainfood Tribune
Who's Talking?
Jo McCatty & Sandra Lim - JFA (not JFK) Saving Jobseekers... One At A Time
The Toll of Code Switching & The Tyranny of Culture Fit
Why Every Founder Needs a Chief of Staff
What's On?
Founders Focus - Ep2 - Up close & personal with Hanno Renner, CEO of Personio
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End Notes
So I’ve completed my 30 day challenge of posting TikToks every day and upon review, it seems I’ve mainly shot videos of pet turtle, my siamese fighting fish, some bad food prep how-to’s and the odd journey out of the flat. Conclusion: I’m a terrible TikTok-er but it has reminded me of value of immersion learning - they only way to do it, is to do it.
Anyways, I’m probably going to continue on there as I feel like is good therapy. So DM me on twitter or Instagram or TikTok if you have anything to say about that!
Have a great week everybody. 
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