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Recruiting Brainfood for the week ahead - Issue #220


Recruiting Brainfood

December 27 · Issue #220 · View online

It's recruiting brainfood for the week ahead

Seasons Greetings Brainfooders!
This is the final brainfood of 2020 and I want to start by thanking you all for being with me throughout this incredible year. I’m not sure you know, but writing this newsletter has become a kind of therapy for me and it has kept me on an even keel throughout the turbulence of this year. It made a difference to know that so many of you were out there and that I could connect with you every week in this week. Thank you all for reading, supporting and being part of this great community.
The format of this issue is going to be different from normal. It will be split into three parts.
Part One is Brainfood Report - my update to you on the performance of the various channels I’ve been operating this year.
Part Two is Best of Brainfood 2020 - the best of the best posts from this year on the various categories we cover here: AI, Assessment, Future of Work, Remote working, and so on
Part Three is the best of the Reviews of Year - a curated look at some of the best reviews relevant to recruiting & HR that I’ve seen this year.
Hope you enjoy the end of the year brainfood

Brainfood Report 2020
Recruiting Brainfood Newsletter
Brainfood Online Community
Brainfood Live On Air
Brainfood Hall of Fame
Brainfood Larder
Brainfood Tribune
The Recruiting Brainfood Podcast
The Best of Brainfood 2020
The Ultimate Guide to AI Recruiting
How Your Heart Influences What You Perceive and Fear
I Got A Job At An Amazon Warehouse Without Talking To A Single Human
Everything You Need To Know To Score With Your Content
Salaries & Benefits Dashboard 2.0
What’s A Manageable Span of Control?
How To Deconstruct Racism, One Headline At A Time
Why Airlines, Cities, and Starbucks Need Remote Workers Back at the Office
Vague vs Vivid
Coronavirus: Which Shops Have Treated Workers Well?
100 Jobs of the Future
Time For A New Social Contract For The Gig Economy
The Network Liquidity Map: Why Time Matters
Microsoft "Productivity Scores"
A New Approach to People Ops That Puts Employee Experience First
10 Creative Job Posts and Ads That Will Inspire Yours
42 Pricing Tricks Based on Psychology & Neuroscience
Quarantine Will Normalize WFH & Recession Will Denormalize Full-time Jobs
Inside Foxconn’s Empty Buildings, Empty Factories, & Empty Promises in Wisconsin
Bellingcat's Online Investigation Toolkit
The Future of the United States Depends on the Immediate Adoption of UBI
2020: Year in Review
2020 in 20 Visualizations
13 Big LinkedIn Changes: Andy Foote 2020 Review
2020: A Year That Changed Everything
Year in Search 2020
Developer Survey 2020
2020 Interview Scheduling Statistics and Trends: A Nationwide Recruiter Survey
2020: A Year For The History Books, In Visuals
The Impact Of COVID-19 In 12 charts
The 20 Phrases That Defined 2020
End notes
I’m still in London folks, and tempted to go back to an early morning bike round around town, as I notice my Instagram game is pitifully domestic these days. I mean, the last one was about microbes in my fish tank FFS.
So expect some spectacular footage of winter sunrises on the Thames over the coming days. DM me on twitter or Instagram, let me know if you’ve got any ideas on where I should take the bike.
Have a great week everybody. 
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