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Recruiting Brainfood for the week ahead - Issue #217


Recruiting Brainfood

December 6 · Issue #217 · View online
It's recruiting brainfood for the week ahead

Brainfood Live, Ep89: From the Developers POV Part One: Recruiter messaging & outreach. Start of a 4 part mini series with a new idea: all the panelists are going to be software engineers who are going to tell us what they think of regular recruiter behaviour. First part is this Friday 11th December, 2pm UTC, on Recruiter messaging.
Kind of a mandatory if you’re a tech recruiter - register now (200 seat limit)
Special thanks this week to: Mark Edwards, Garry Turner, Eugene van den Hemel, Andrew Packiarajah, Elizabeth Murphy, Kevin Green, Colin Donnery, Joey NK Koksal, Hend Halim, Hannah Morgan, Alison Birch, Bas van de Haterd, Laurie Ruettimann, Carrie Corcoran, James Osbourne, Steven Brand, Somer Hackley, Carmen Hudson, Dan Logan, Ross Clennett, Mark Uz, Ben Norton, Chad Horne, Michael Münnich, Martyn Redstone, Celeste Sirin, Liza Van den Berg, Marianna Krol, James Ellis, Karen Dyson, Ben Muwoki, Emma Davis, Janine Owen, Łukasz Korczyk, Elizabeth Murphy and Ronald van Driel for your public support of this newsletter last week - essential for the continuation of this newsletter!
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The Brainfood
The Napoleon Technique: Postponing Things to Increase Productivity
Employers Start Preparing For The Coronavirus Vaccine With A Question: Can We Require It?
Why Most “Culture Work” Actually HURTS Your Company
Turning Hope Into Reality
Should Robots Be Gendered?
Pay Me or Fork This
The Datafication Of The Workplace
What Restaurants and Maps Can Tell us About Billions of Dollars of Covid-19 Relief Funds
The State of AI In 2020
Pushed by Pandemic, Amazon Goes on a Hiring Spree Without Equal
Realistic and Interactive Robot Gaze
Who's Available?
Brainfood Hall of Fame
Who's Hiring?
People Ops Lead, Faculty, London, UK
If you are a brainfooder, and want your job featured in next weeks brainfood, reply to this newsletter with a link to the job
Who's Story?
Your Story, Your Voice
Who's Talking?
The Big Slack-quisition
Johnny Campbell, Co-founder & CEO at Social Talent
From Prison To Tech Giant
What's On?
How to Enable Faster & Better Hires Through The Right Assessment Tools?
Recruiter Nation Live 2020
End notes
I’m still in London folks, where my primary concern this week is trying to guess what MCU ‘Titan Series’ super hero character to get my little nephew for this birthday. Already boobed with the Black Widow purchase (he got it already), so it’s between Ant-Man and Armoured Spiderman. What say you?
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Have a great week everybody. 
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