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Recruiting Brainfood for the week ahead - Issue #215


Recruiting Brainfood

November 22 · Issue #215 · View online
It's recruiting brainfood for the week ahead

Brainfood Live, Ep87: HR + TA - How to build a better relationship?
It might be critically important we do so as organisations get remodelled for the post pandemic future With Lisa Scales (Nestle), Robert Hicks (Reward Gateway) and Julie Griggs (Greenhill HR)
Friday 27th Nov, 12.00pm GMT - register here
Rare opportunity to see a leading industry in a live webinar - register
Special thanks this week to: Mark Edwards, Steve Ward, Simon Geere, Colin Donnery, Elizabeth Murphy, James Osborne, Nina Lockwood, Kevin Green, Joey NK Koksal, Somer Hackley, Steven Brand, Jessica McFadden, Oonagh Clarke, Todd Raphael, Erin Peterson, Bas van de Haterd, Eugene van den Hemel, Karen Hutchison, Stephen O'Donnell, Graham Thornton, Garry Turner, , Alison Birch, Andrew Packiarajah, Aliso Birch, Romuald Restout, John Hull, Ross Clennett, Achyut Menon, Chad Horne, Alexandru Gotoi, Bharath C, Sarah Wardle, Ersin Erdem, Lee Hayes, Christina Robinson, Jess Rush and Jo McCatty for your public support for this newsletter last week - vital to keep it going free for everyone else to read!
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The Brainfood
Get to Know Job Candidates Better and Faster with LinkedIn’s New Video Intro
Is Remote Working Only a Pitstop on the Way to More Precarity?
Everyone’s A Copywriter. Right?
How to Exceed 1,000 Search Results on Bing
A New Work Ecosystem
In-Demand Talent Playbook 2020
The Tribal Network Effect
Cold Email Templates Find Inspiration From Best Performing Cold Emails, Sorted By Categories.
Meet Reid
DE&I In Hiring Is A Process, Not A Policy
"Working" Remotely 2020
South Korea Now Has An AI-Powered News Anchor That Is Capable Of Working 24/7
Who's Available?
Brainfood Hall of Fame
Who's Hiring?
Technical Resourcer, Paddle, London, UK
Commercial Resourcer, Paddle, London, UK
If you are a brainfooder and want a job featured in next week’s newsletter, reply to this email with your job and a link to it
Whose Story?
Your Voice, Your Story
Who's Talking?
Big List of Podcasts to Listen to in 2020
Coda Cofounder & CEO, Shishir Mehrotra
Alexis Ohanian's Vision for the Future
Facebook’s Tech Chief: How We Built It and Where We’re Going
What's On?
Recruiting Trends In A Remote First World
CTO Craft Con: The People One
End notes
Thoughts are still racing with me on what brainfood initiative to tackle but the ideas are struggling to take shape. I suspect some experimentation will be required rather than just sitting here thinking about it. Anyway, I’ll keep you updated.
In the meantime, here’s a website which includes a controller for ‘splat radius’ which basically means you’ve got to click it,
DM me on twitter or Instagram if you have any more wonders of the Internet….
Have a great week everybody. 
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