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Hung Lee
Hung Lee
200 issues later and this newsletter is still going strong - now up to 23,000+ brainfooders from all over the world including folks from some of the leading organisations in our industry. Thank you all for being with me on this journey. You have trusted me with your attention and I hope I’ve not let you down.
1 favour to ask. There are over 2 million recruiters on the planet so less than 1% even know about brainfood! Help me reach out to them - have a think about just one person who you believe could benefit from the content in this newsletter, forward them the archive and recommend they subscribe.
Special thanks this week to: Simon Geere, Eugene van den Hemel, Gautam Ghosh, Bas van de Haterd, Christian Madsen, Alison Birch, Colin Donnery, Jon Brooks, Joey NK Koksal, Patrick Berger, Kevin Green, Steve Jacobs, Jo Weech, Andrea Kirby, Heidi Wassini, Bence Várady-Szabó, Mike Tonks, Alexander Tonelli, Patricia Chmielowiec, Kiera Croll, Liam FitzGerald, Gareth Christian-Lim, Steven Brand, Chelsea Holton, Hanne Revholt, Siobhan Carlson, Nina Kappler, Alastair Cartwright, Stacey Richey, Salima Shariff, Ersin Erdem, Nils Jurischka, Emma Davies and Tim Sanchez for your public endorsement last week - this is all points scoring behaviour….check out your scores on the Brainfood Hall of Fame😉
And now, on yet another scorching, climate changing day in the UK, lets get on with the brainfood…
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Eli Onboarding
The Brainfood
The New World of Work
Combine Reverse Image with Boolean Search to Find Who Likes What
People Ops as a Product 🚀
Thoughts on Voice Interfaces
This Is What Coronavirus Will Do To Our Offices and Homes
The Best Diversity and Inclusion Videos
Unleashing The Decentralised Workforce
Nearly 100 Leadership Models
Indeed Lockdown Report Aug 2020
What Every Marketer/Sales Rep Must Know About the ‘Inverted Pyramid’ for Content Writing
Bad 360 Degree Feedback Reviews
I Am a Model and I Know That Artificial Intelligence Will Eventually Take My Job
Whose Story?
A Letter To My 13 Year Old Self…Katrina Kibben
Who's Available & Who's Hiring?
Brainfood Hall of Fame
Who's Talking?
Big List of Podcasts to Listen to in 2020
Can Employees Sue You Over COVID-19?
 Job Seeking... as a Head of TA
What's On?
How To Turn People Into Candidates
The Virtual Reality HR Conference
RecFestOneWorld - One Industry. One World. Online.
End notes
The good news is I’ve finally patched the leak in the turtle tank and now just about ready to return the pet turtle to her new / old home, after 2 weeks living in a bucket.
Tempted to give her a big upgrade as a reward for good behaviour - particular after watching Tanner at Serpa Design and learning about creative use of expanding foam…..
DM me on twitter or Instagram if you want to see early pics of the inevitable disaster
Have a great week everybody. 
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Hung Lee
Hung Lee @hunglee

It's recruiting brainfood for the week ahead

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