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Recruiting Brainfood for the week ahead - Issue #197

Introducing: The Brainfood Tribune As we accelerate through this incredible period of change, it's cr

Recruiting Brainfood

July 19 · Issue #197 · View online
It's recruiting brainfood for the week ahead

Introducing: The Brainfood Tribune
As we accelerate through this incredible period of change, it’s crucial we reconnect to one of the things that will always be true: we share our humanity.
Through the medium of personal storytelling, the Brainfood Tribune is the place where we will be able to see and acknowledge this truth. Expect -honesty, vulnerability, heartbreak, wisdom, joy - as community members set aside their professional persona and tell us who they really are.
I invite you all to take part in this initiative.
Do this first by exploring the stories told by our first cohort of 12 contributors - Elena Valentine, Glen Cathey, Dethra Giles, Maisha Cannon, Kris Bright, Chad Sowash, AK Menon, Pedro Oliveira, Narek Aslikyan, Joanne Lockwood, Manjuri Sinha and Jo Weech.
Second, if you want to be part of the next cohort of 12, just let me know. Apply by replying to this email and say that you want to share your story.
Thanks this week to: Tom Waddell, Garry Turner, Eugene van den Hemel, Kevin Green, Alison Birch, David Barlow, Adam Gordon, Stefan Welack, Bas van de Haterd, Mark Uz, Mark Edwards, Manjuri Sinha, Joey NK Koksal, Václav Kotyk, Andrew Packiarajah, James Osborne, Mick Griffin, Nikhil Jain, Jon Brooks, Guillermo Rademakers, Adrian Holtham, Greg Poole, Steve Jacobs. Lauren Sharp, Ersin Erdem, Luke Shipley and Andrew Elliott - your public endorsement of this newsletter helps ensure it stays free for everyone to read.
Can you help? Simply share this link on a LinkedIn status update and recommend it to your network - it’s the best way to keep the growing the brainfood community.

The Brainfood
Why It’s Time to End the “Ideal Target Candidate Profile”
Nice! #opentowork is Public
COVID-19 Digital Engagement Report
A New Approach to People Ops That Puts Employee Experience First
How Companies Can Make Remote Working A Success
When Your Coworker Does Great Work, Tell Their Manager
How People Read Online
Debuild: Build Web Apps Lightning Fast.
The Greatest Privilege We Never Talk About: Beauty
23 Alternative Career Paths that Software Developers Can Grow Into
Tech Sector Job Interviews Assess Anxiety, Not Software Skills
Tools for Better Thinking
My Bizarre Stint As an Amazon Reviewer for Hire
Who's Available & Who's Hiring?
Brainfood Hall of Fame
The foodhall of fame is a repurposed public ‘thank you’ to community contributors which we have now repurposed into a Craigslist for Recruiters.
Who's Hiring?
Vice President of Talent Acquisition, Enfusion, Chicago, Illinois, USA
VP, Customer Acquisition, Zinc, London, UK
Head of Talent Acquisition, Reward Gateway, London, UK
Recruitment Consultant, DPS Group, Leiden, Netherlands
If are a brainfood subscriber and want to post your in-house recruiting / people ops / HR jobs in next weeks newsletter, reply to this email with your job posting
Who's Talking?
Big List of Podcasts to Listen to in 2020
What's On?
Next Wave Talent
Brainfood Live On Air - Ep69 - Practical Tips to Diversify Your Talent Pool w/ Jelmer Koppelmans, Christine Ng and Katrina Kibben
The Virtual Reality HR Conference
If you are an event organiser want to get featured in the newsletter, get in touch and give the community a deal. Email me [email protected]
End notes
If you’re sick of looking out your window, how about you look outside from someone else’s? H/T to brainfooder Simon Hammond for the share….going set my webcam up this week, and we can all stare at the store front of the ever busy, Hoxton Best Kebab.
DM me on twitter or Instagram if you have anything to say about that.
Have a great week everybody. 
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