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Recruiting Brainfood for the week ahead - Issue #180

Hung Lee
Hung Lee
Covid-19 is changing our world and our part in it has already being upended.
The steps our governments need to take to try and suppress this pandemic will inevitably result widespread collateral damage to the economy. Hiring freezes, budget cuts, lay offs - this is what a lot of us have been hearing this past week. And hard reality is that our jobs are going to go.
As we are beginning to learn, the only proper response to shared adversity is come even tighter together as a community, accelerate the sharing of information with each other and surge support to those most in need.
Hence today, I am announcing 3 x new brainfood initiatives to better help us do those things.
  1. Foodhall of Fame - will be repurposed into a searchable database of brainfooders available for work. We’re working overtime to launch this by next issue - when it does, I encourage you all to sign up
  2. Brainfood Chat - free WhatsApp line for brainfooders to speed up access to content & to connect with other community members, directly on your mobile device. Again, live this week.
  3. Brainfood Marathon - a 24 Hour Livestreaming Marathon to promote emergency hire organisations, companies redeploying staff, vendors offering community plus services and stories from you lot - how you are coping with this phase shift in our world. Follow the channel now for updates. I aim to do this within the next two weeks.
Special thanks to: Adam Gordon, Mark Edwards, Vanessa Raath, Ivan Evdokimov, Christian Madsen, Clair Mohamed, Patrick Burger, Rob Walker, Simon Geere, Mike Tonks, Andrea Kirby, David Green, Frank Zupan, Marie Herlihy, Bob Lehto, Andrew Packiarajah, Bas Van De Haterd, Stefanie Littau, Garry Turner, Paul McClatchie, Oonagh Clarke, Sean Wilkes, Andy Taylor, Eva Baluchova, Alison Birch, Patrick Boonstra, Steve Jacobs, Mark Deubel, Rich Lewis-Jones, Martyn Redstone, Joey NK Koksal, Glenn Southam, Bradley Franks, Dulce Flores Conde, Christian Buttrose, François Gauthier, Giles Heckstall-Smith, Kim Lokenberg, Giang Hughes, Adam Posner, Elizabeth Lembke and Liz van Zyl for your amazing support of this community.
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Lets do this

The Brainfood
Leadership in a Crisis: Responding to Coronavirus Outbreak and Future Challenges
Emergency Emails
Job Vacancy Counts Fall Steeply Across The Globe Due to Coronavirus
Andrew Yang is Right About Coronavirus
The Workers Who Face the Greatest Coronavirus Risk
Remote Work Survival Kit
Coronavirus Job Postings
Work from Home Like a Behavioral Scientist
Are You Asking These Critical Workforce Questions?
The Big Lockdown Resource List
Corona/Covid-19 Employer Guide
What Are You Doing?
Lars Schmidt continues to update and curate Coronavirus HR Comms & Resource Guide. Please do bookmark it
Johnny Campbell, CEO of Social Talent is opening the Social Talent Skills Academy for the next 3 months for free. No brainer folks, sign up
Nikos Moraitakis, CEO of Workable, is offering the new video interview tool for all customers for free for the next 3 months.
If you are a provider who wants to offer a free service to support the community, get in touch, Email me [email protected]
What's On?
Big List of Events to Attend in 2020
SourceCon Digital 2020
In-house Recruitment Diversity & Inclusion Conference
If you are an event organiser want to get featured in the newsletter, get in touch and give the community a deal. Email me [email protected]
Who's Talking?
Big List of Podcasts to Listen to in 2020
Coronavirus Response Special Coverage: Nextdoor Head of People, Bryan Power
Watch: How to Manage a Remote Team Well
Who's Hiring?
Senior Technical Recruiter, Shopify, Berlin, Germany
If are a brainfood subscriber and want to post your in-house recruiting / people ops / HR jobs in next weeks newsletter, reply to this email with job title and link so people can apply
Who's Available?
Patrick Boonstra, is available to lead Recruitment Innovation projects - Careersites, ATS-integrations and radical Recruitment Innovation. Based Netherlands
Martyn Redstone, is immediately available for project or permanent work. Chatbot expertise previously with Searchbase and RoboRecruiter
If you are a subscriber and would like to featured in next week’s issue, reply to this email and let me know
End notes
I’m in London, holed up in my apartment, talking to frogs.
DM me on twitter or Instagram
Have a great week everybody. 
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Hung Lee
Hung Lee @hunglee

It's recruiting brainfood for the week ahead

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