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Recruiting Brainfood for the week ahead - Issue #179

Hung Lee
Hung Lee
I am no expert on the things that matter right now. All I do is write a weekly newsletter about recruiting & HR. That feels really inadequate in the face of this global threat which is not only attacking our biology, but also our society, economy, ideology and - inevitably - also our morality.
I’ve been shocked by speed and scope of change. We’ve seemingly gone from canceling the odd meetup to entire countries undergoing lockdown in the space of what feels like only a few days. And all the while, every day, those terrible numbers keep tracking inexorably upwards.
Has there ever been an event like this that has dominated the minds of so many us, at the same time, all over the world? I’m not sure there has. It doesn’t matter whether you are in Wuhan or Bergamo or Madrid. It doesn’t matter if you are in New York or Seattle or anywhere else. We are all thinking the same thoughts, feeling the same fears. And that shared experience - terrible and unwanted though it is - is what really gives me hope. This threat does not respect who you are, where you live, what you look like, what you believe. It is going to attack you regardless of those things. We humans are united in our vulnerability against this threat, and therefore we humans must show the same unity in our fight against it.
Things will be different, after this. I think we all know that. And that change brings fears of its own - for our jobs, the work we do, the roles we play in the lives of the people who matter most to us.
In this weighty context, I can promise only one thing; I’m going to keep writing this damn newsletter. Recruiting Brainfood will delivered to you next week at the same time, same day, as it has done for the past 179 weeks to date. It will not fail, until I fail. And so long as it does continue, I hope that you will get some sense that there is still something you can rely on in this world.
This week’s issue is going to be dedicated to providing information and resources for the immediate tasks many of us have at hand - how to manage as our business go remote.
All of the brainfood this week will be categorised as ‘Remote Working’, to make it easier to search for in the Brainfood Larder. I recommend you click on that link and bookmark it now.
Also, I welcome all of you to the brainfood community on FB. We might need each more than we think and we can talk to each other in this group.
I’ll be continuing to go on air with the Brainfood Lives every week Friday. Follow the channel here
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Let’s do this.

The Brainfood
Guide to Managing Remote Teams for Managers
Public Coronavirus Company Communications
Remote Work Wiki
The Remote Manifesto
Coronavirus Is a Preview of Our Self-Isolating Future
Distributed Collaboration Manual
Conference Cancelled? How to Plan a Virtual Event, Fast
The Pandemic Economy: Which Stocks are Weathering the Storm?
How to Make the Remote Working Experiment a Success
Making Organizations More Resilient
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Company Policy
Embarrassing WFH Moments
Quarantine Will Normalize WFH & Recession Will Denormalize Full-time Jobs
Giant List of Ideas for Being Home with Kids
Seize This Coronavirus Opportunity!
This Map Shows Which Companies Have Lasted Hundreds (and even Thousands) of Years
What's On?
Big List of Events to Attend in 2020
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Who's Talking?
Big List of Podcasts to Listen to in 2020
The Chad & Cheese Podcast
Adam Kucharski on What Should - and Shouldn't - Worry Us About the Coronavirus
21st Century HR: Ep49.5 (Bonus) Coronavirus HR Resources
Who's Hiring?
Talent Acquisition Consultant, Gilbert+Tobin, Sydney, Australia
Talent Acquisition Partner, KPMG, Budapest, Hungary
Senior HR Business Partner (m/w/d), Bonial, Berlin, Germany
Manager of Tech Campus and Solution Delivery & Development Recruiting, McKinsey & Co, Amsterdam(NL), London (UK) or Munich (DE)
Enterprise Account Executive, Workable, London, UK
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Who's Available?
Stephen O'Donnell, most recently with brainfood sponsors VideoMyJob, is looking for consultancy / sales expansion opportunities specifically within Tech Startups.
This is a new segment and experiment in supporting brainfooders who are available for work. If you are a subscriber and would like to featured in next week’s issue, reply to this email and let me know…
What Are You Doing?
The OG’s amongst you will know what Punk Rock HR is. Great to see Laurie Ruettimann back with the brand which she made famous. She’s a sane voice in a world that needs more of that. Check out the podcast here
Roy Baladi has launched a new project - JobsforLebanon is a free job posting platform which any employer can use to hire talented workers from Lebanon.
Congratulations to Jim Stroud who joins Will Staney and co at Proactive Talent as VP of Marketing
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End notes
I’m still in London awaiting the roll out of the UK’s singular plan to build herd immunity amongst the population through a ‘managed infection’. Everyone thinks it’s nuts - it probably is - but there’s some logic to it.
In any case, I am continuing my self isolation in order to remove myself as a potential transmission vector. Don’t worry as I have pet turtle, and a growing population of frogs to keep me company.
DM me on twitter or Instagram if you got anything for me.
Stay home and stay safe.
Have a great week everybody
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Hung Lee
Hung Lee @hunglee

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