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Recruiting Brainfood for the week ahead - Issue #139


Recruiting Brainfood

June 9 · Issue #139 · View online
It's recruiting brainfood for the week ahead

Brainfood Forest Update
Thank you to everyone for you kind donations to the brainfood forest! We complete the 7 day campaign today and will now plant 2490 trees due to your generous donations! Whilst we fell short of our stretch targets, the campaign was a fantastic learning opportunity on what can be achieved through mobilising the community. We’ll do it again next year and build on the lessons learned!
In the meantime, special thanks to the folks who donated who are:
Garry Turner, Paul Musters, Maria Mamblona, Jan Tegze, Pip Wright, Patrick Boonstra, Heather Kitto, Alfred Mayaki, Barbara Demichelis, Mark Edwards, Cor Hersbach, Julia Reis, Colin Dunn, Helmut Fink-Neuböck, Bas van de Haterd , Narek Aslikyan, Mitasha Singh, Clair Mohamed , Morgan Lobb, Tim Schönleber, Ernst Schipper, Andrew Preston, Stephen Li, Alan Walker, Sam Smith, Chris Atkinson, Alison Birch, David Carman, Nathan Perrott, Michał Bieńko, Ollie Glass, Nick Price , Karine McAuliffe, Peter Thompson, Navin Hathiramani, Denise van der Lans, Stanislaw Wasowicz, Dovydas Zavadskis, Malgorzata Polak, Luc Dudler, Emma Scott, Rachel Gibbs, Sally Tattersfield, Radhakrishna M, Jane Cheung, François Gauthier, Alex Murphy, Frank Zupan, Jakub Witoszek, Mary Grace Hennessy, Simon Hammond, Iain Huntington , Kristy Nittskoff, Ramón Lith, Esther Abraas, James Osborne, Roy Baladi, Andrew Stetsenko, Mark Shortall, Grant Fuellenbach, Laurie Ruettimann, Andrea Kirby, Iris Tandefelt, Italo Mouzinho, Anthony Payne, Tim Meinen, Joanne Rogers , Lara Grandemenge, Kaisa Berger , Tom Summerscales , Conni Lass , Lyn Vallet , Laura McDermott. Theresa Leinberger, Steve Jacobs , Tiago Serra, Theo Smith, Carolyn Howitt , Adam Gretton, Daria Danilina, James Mantle, Rupert Douglas, Patrick Lynch, Jimmy K, Samuel Berthoud, Nilesh Thanki, Jonathan Baird, Romuald Restout, Richard Fusco, Natalie Allee, Andy Cammack, Jan Kirchner, Gareth Christian-Lim, Tess Marshall, Éva Sóthy. Marc Jacobs, Jo Weech, Kai Wolf , Janine Owen, Ivan Evseev, Elena Volk, Мари Попру, Bridget Martin, Wingi, Christina Robinson, Elizabeth Hanano, Tony Pitchford, Elizabeth Bronson, Stephanie Reese, Brenda Reid, Rob Murray, Ross Clennett, Rachel Beattie, Gudrun Franzen, Sophie van Goethem, Giang Hughes, Mirabela Palade, Gill Lee, Anastasia Ilcov, Dave Benach, Lauren Brinza, Michal Slavíček, Martin Kelly, Stacey Niermann, Monica Buleandra, Deborah Caulet, Austin Sears, Will Bentinck, Iain Brassell, Kristjan Kristjansson, Ryan Grogan, Omar de Bary, Robert Winton, Alan Mac Kenna, Peter van der Meijden, Julia Rutkowska and Luke Davis
You are truly all the friends of ents - thank you!
Hung Lee is the founder of - the revolutionary recruiting platform for Software engineers. Brainfood now has a private fb group for community discussions and a live talk show for fizzy chat. Subscribers are welcome to join either or both.

The Brainfood
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Brainfood Larder
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Why We Need to Rethink “Employer Brand”
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What's On?
Big List of Events to Attend in 2019
CogX 2019
Want your event featured in Brainfood? Get in touch and give the community a deal. Email me [email protected]
Who's Talking?
Big List of Podcasts to Subscribe to in 2019
Who's Hiring?
Recruitment Co-ordinator, PFK Francis Clark, Exeter, UK
Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist, 8fit, Berlin, Germany
Talent Research Partner - Tech, Elements, London, UK
Talent Scout - Research & Development, Roche, Basel, Switzerland
People Experience Lead, Blinkist, Berlin, Germany
Technical Recruiter, Deliveroo, London, UK
Technical Sourcer, Deliveroo, London, UK
Resourcing Advisor, Penguin Random House, London, UK
Senior Recruitment Partner (m/f/d), Syngenta, Madrid, Spain
Recruitment Partner (m/f/d), Syngenta, Basel, Switzerland
Recruitment Partner, Syngenta, Toulouse, France
Recruitment Partner, Syngenta, Paris, France
If are a brainfood subscriber and want to post your in-house recruiting / people ops / HR jobs in next weeks newsletter, please email me at [email protected] with job title and link so people can apply
End notes
I’ll be at CogX tomorrow and Tuesday, before flying out to Barcelona on Wednesday in time for hired!bcn. Please come up and say hello if you are going to either of those two placed. Otherwise, reach out to me on Twitter or IG if you want to talk recruiting or the future of the planet.
Have a great week everybody. 
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