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Hung Lee
Hung Lee
Our buddies at HackerRank are surveying the tech recruiting community. If anyone has ever seen one of their reports, you’ll know the research and communication is top notch. If you hire for tech, pls spare 5 minutes to take this survey - thanks
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Hung Lee is the founder of - the revolutionary recruiting platform for Software engineers. Brainfood now has a private fb group and online talkshow - subscribers are free to join either or both.

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SourcingHacks: Special Edition
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What Kind Of Person Fakes Their Voice?
Learnings On How To Raise The Bar With A TA Event In Berlin
Best Practices for Managing Remote Teams: A Psychological Perspective
Writing For The 15 Second Attention Span
Meet Tengai, The Job Interview Robot Who Won't Judge You
I Am Recruitr on Twitter:
Spice Up Your Stakeholder Relations: Hot Questions To Ask Before Starting Employer Branding
What Are The Key Competencies and Traits of the Best Recruiters?
What's On?
Big List of Events to Attend in 2019
Silver Medalists: Do You Have a Plan?
If you are an event organiser want to get featured in the newsletter, get in touch and give the community a deal. Email me [email protected]
Who's Talking?
Does Work Culture Exist?
Conversations with Tyler: Daniel Kahneman on Cutting Through the Noise
Deep Dive: How Blockchain will Change the Way We Work
Who's Hiring?
People Analytics Manager, GetYourGuide, Berlin Germany
Recruiter, LogicMonitor, London, UK
Talent Acquisition Manager, Idagio, Berlin, Germany
Talent Acquisition Specialist, Blinkist, Berlin, Germany
Lead Talent Architect, BCGDV, Berlin, Germany
Senior Talent Architect, BCGDV, Berlin, Germany
Talent Architect, BCGDV, Berlin, Germany
Talent Co-ordinator, BCGDV, Berlin, Germany
Director, Talentful, Berlin, Germany
Senior Technical Recruiter - AMER, Elastic, Distributed, US or Canada
Sales & Field Recruiter, Elastic, Distributed, APAC
HR Business Partner, Consumer Reports, New York, USA
Recruitment Office (HMS) (P3), International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, Austria
Senior Tech Recruiter (m/f/d), FlixBus, Munich, Germany
Senior Tech Recruiter (m/f/d), FlixBus, Berlin, Germany
Technical Recruiter, Sqreen, Paris, France
Talent Researcher, Twilio, Dublin or London, Ireland or UK
Talent Acquisition Partner - Sales, Twilio, Dublin or London, Ireland or UK
HR Manager (m/w/d), ZipJet, Berlin, Germany
If are a brainfood subscriber and want to post your in-house recruiting / people ops / HR jobs in next weeks newsletter, please email me at [email protected] with job title and link so people can apply
End notes
I’m at #truLondon on Monday and then at UNLEASH Tuesday and Wednesday - give me a shout if you’re about and want to talk hiring or the future of the planet. Message me twitter or Instagram.
Have a great week everybody. 
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Hung Lee
Hung Lee @hunglee

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