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On Hiring - it's recruiting brainfood for the week ahead - Issue #15

Hey Everybody,  So a crazy 12 months of global politics reached it's apogee last Friday when Donald T

Recruiting Brainfood

January 22 · Issue #15 · View online
It's recruiting brainfood for the week ahead

Hey Everybody, 
So a crazy 12 months of global politics reached it’s apogee last Friday when Donald Trump was finally inaugurated as President of the United States of America. In between the syphocantic crowing of the alt - and newly altered - right, and the rising indignation of a recovering left, what remains is the rather urgent reality that radical and reckless change is fast approaching on newly darkened horizons. 
Make no mistake: the shift in political economical thinking by the Anglo Saxon architects of the neoliberal order is systemic and will have tremendous impact to the work we do in recruitment and talent management. The dominant value system which has shaped our discipline over the past 30 years, characterised by goals such as global talent sourcing, flat organisational hierarchy, open source knowledge sharing, data driven decision making, economic efficiency, free movement of labour, pay equity for women, consumer protection and citizen rights is now ancién régime; with each of the aforementioned tenets subject to discredit and reversal, to be replaced by the issue of the aggressive new politics of the day - nationalism, chauvinism, anti-intellectualism and a protectionism where work is most often seen as a form of war. 
Two things are for sure - No1: it’s going to get crazier from here on in because The Donald doesn’t do stability, and disorientation through successive, concussive revelation is a known strategy of the demagogue and the insurgent. And No2: we better get ready, because business as usual is over and we better know what this is going to mean.  
There are much bigger and important things in the world than a weekly newsletter curated by some guy who likely spends too much time on the Internet. But in times of crisis, the only thing is to do is to do what you can - trust your values and live by them with courage every day. I’m betting that curating On Hiring is going to help me do that and I hope it might play some small part in helping others do the same.

So, dear friends: keep reading, keep learning, keep sharing, keep marching, keep fighting. We’re all going to be in it together. 


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Who's Hiring
There’s only one job in town in this week’s Who’s Hiring - why not work as Recruitment Scheduler for Facebook in London? Fantastic opportunity posted by my buddy, On Hiring reader and Facebook recruiter, Ricky Simpson, ideal for someone just starting out in their career in the recruitment space. Click on the link about, and fill out the application form!

Who’s Hiring is an exclusive section for job postings for On Hiring subscribers. So if you are growing your team, please email me on [email protected] with the job title and a link to apply and your job might feature in Issue No16.

End Notes
I am writing this from rural Hong Kong, where I have been for the past 4 days. I have visited every year or since I was a teen and despite the pace of the change, it’s still recognisably the Hong Kong I knew when I was a kid.

I’m here until the 25th, so if you’re in this neck of the woods and want to talk to me about tech hiring or the future of the planet, reach out on Twitter @HungLee or by email [email protected] 

Have a great week everybody. 

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